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Um, What’s The Vanilla Girl Aesthetic ?

Last year we saw an influx of trends related to both frosting and sweetness (see the popularity of the “glazed donut” manicure and the “cold girl” trend). With fashion and beauty being inspired by both cold weather and desserts, it’s only natural that TikTok has managed to find a way to tie it all together to create the “vanilla girl” aesthetic, which includes vanilla ice cream-inspired outfits and cozy knits in off-white colors. The trend is surprisingly simple, but what’s the point?

Matilda Djerf in a vanilla dress

We imagine a vanilla girl waking up in fluffy white pajamas, then heading to the kitchen to make lemon water and an iced latte (with heart-shaped ice cubes, of course) to start her day. She dresses in fluffy cashmere, cable-knit sweaters, crisp buttons and light pants when she goes to school or work, for a more professional vibe. But when she’s at home or enjoying her day off, she opts for flirty fashion choices, with lace, plush pants, knit tights and peaked tank tops (bonus points if the tank top has a bow at the neckline). As the name of the trend suggests, most of these garments are white, cream or beige.

What is this trend trying to achieve? Being “vanilla” isn’t just about how many layers of cream you can wear, it’s a whole lifestyle. There are countless tutorials on TikTok for barely-there vanilla makeup routines, as well as videos featuring dessert-scented candles and perfumes. The vanilla girl’s home is spotless, just as comfortable and cream-colored as her wardrobe. She wears matching pajamas to bed, always has a delicious drink on hand and keeps a journal twice a day.

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