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The glass houses that have conquered internet users are coming to Romania

Russian architect Alex Nerovnia has won over internet users with the futuristic and minimalist houses he has designed and posted on Instagram and more. He uses a lot of glass for both facades and roofs. One of his creations can be seen in Romania.

The Russian coordinates a team of 5 architects in Moscow and, in an interview for, he talked about what inspires and motivates him as an architect. “First of all, I pay attention to the beauty and harmony of the exterior of a building, the main facade. I like to use architecture to interact with the surrounding nature,” says the Russian.
“By using glass walls, we can – visually – erase the border between inside and outside. One of the most spectacular effects of this approach is the change of the interior atmosphere, throughout the day, due to the major role of natural light penetrating through the glass,” explains Alex Nerovnia.

He has more than 10 private homes built from scratch in his portfolio, as well as a hotel in Moscow and a luxury duplex in Kuwait. He has no plans to stop there and is working with his team on new projects, which he posts mostly on Instagram.

An architect who learns continuously

Alex Nerovnia says he learns something every day. “They say that if you are ready to learn and are open to new ideas, you are not the person you were yesterday. That happens to me too. If you follow my portfolio on Instagram, you will notice how my approach to shapes, materials and light has changed over the years,” the architect recounts.
“I gained more experience and started to use more and more modern techniques to support ideas that seemed impossible to implement. One thing, I think, remains unchanged: it’s what we like to call the principle of authentic minimalism,” he adds. Specifically, the designed houses are beautiful and simple, like in a dream, like in a story.

Unaffected by the pandemic

Alex Nerovnia declares himself lucky: his business has not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. “Almost all of our clients are ready to continue work on future projects. The only thing that changed was the deadline. In general, we are getting more time to work on projects already started,” explains the architect.
According to him, even the quarantine of Moscow did not affect him, as most of the architectural team was already working online. “At the moment, we are busy with four simultaneous projects in the United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Oman and Romania. We can’t give precise details, but the projects include two private villas, a five-property Airbnb village and a five-building seaside resort of over 4,000 square metres,” the architect revealed.

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